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I Will Focus On Your Case

At Trudeau Law, I am passionate about helping people. When you come to my firm, you meet with me, not a legal assistant. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and I will give your case close attention every step of the way.

I practice law in the Tacoma area, concentrating on criminal law and U.S. immigration law.

Why I Became A Lawyer

My approach to legal practice is based on my prior experiences as a client. My first encounter with hiring an attorney was disappointing. My lawyer did not return calls, misrepresented what he was doing to help me and lost what appeared to be a winnable case.

Later on, I hired another attorney and had a much better experience. When I decided to become a lawyer, I modeled my practice after the second attorney. Today, when you turn to Trudeau Law, you receive personalized service. I learn about your life and your goals, give you no-nonsense advice and create a strong legal strategy. Besides my firm’s clients, I also volunteer regularly with Tacoma-area nonprofit organizations that provide immigration services to needs-based communities.

I get to know your needs and situation as much as possible. This process begins even before our initial consultation, to make the meeting more efficient. My clients quickly learn they can trust me with the details of their case, so I can closely tailor my representation to their goals.

Don’t Take On Criminal Charges By Yourself

Getting arrested can be very scary and confusing. It is natural for you to wonder what is happening to you and what the consequences will be. If you are a foreign national, the impact of a criminal conviction can be especially severe. At Trudeau Law, I will provide you with a forceful criminal defense. I will examine the evidence and the prosecution’s case to reach the best possible resolution to your case. I handle all types of criminal charges, from DUI or drug offenses to domestic violence or theft charges. My special focus is defense of immigrants who face possible deportation if convicted.

My Personal Experience With Immigration Law

As the son and spouse of first-generation immigrants, I understand what it means to be able to live in the United States, with certain rights and protections afforded through citizenship. It is my mission to expand that opportunity to my clients and their families. American immigration law can be very complicated and stressful. I will fully consider all your goals and concerns while guiding you through the immigration system. Whether it is to change your legal status or to gain permission to finally unify your family, Trudeau Law is here for you.

When it comes time for your family to immigrate, call me. My knowledge of the immigration system will help you gain permission for your loved ones to move to Washington state, adjust your immigration status or take other steps toward citizenship.

Nathan Trudeau


Free Consultation

To schedule a free consultation,* call me any time at 206-388-2798 or contact me via my website’s online form. I am available to meet during the evening for your convenience.

* Free for new clients, otherwise a fee may apply.